Terms & Conditions


To ensure the safety and well-being of everyone, please adhere to and follow the Protocols and Guidelines for Surveillance, Prevention, and Control of COVID-19. Additionally, we kindly request you to bring the following items:

  1. Face masks
  2. Hand sanitizer or alcohol gel
  3. Gloves
  4. Sturdy trekking shoes
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Personal hygiene essentials
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Warm jacket
  9. Camera
  10. Backpack to carry important belongings during the tour
  11. Insect repellent

Your cooperation in complying with these measures is highly appreciated. Let’s work together to create a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


To make a reservation with REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR, a 50% deposit of the total tour price is required. Please note that this amount is necessary to secure your tickets, subject to availability. After making the deposit and receiving confirmation of your reservation, you will have a remaining balance of 50%, which must be paid 48 hours before the departure of your excursion or, at the latest, during your briefing session. If the outstanding balances are not paid before departure, you will be unable to participate in the tour. The final acceptance of any passenger is subject to the receipt and review of all required forms, documents, and payments.


All tours with REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR are subject to itinerary changes based on various unforeseen circumstances. REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR reserves the right to cancel or alter any trip due to natural disasters, road issues, unfavorable weather conditions, strikes, or other socio-political disturbances. Similarly, REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR reserves the right to cancel or alter any trip due to incompatibilities between passengers and tour conditions, especially concerning health and physical condition. Excursions canceled due to the aforementioned incidents will not be refunded or recovered.


Payment is made via bank transfer to the accounts verified by the company REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR. The price and duration of your trip will never change once your reservation has been confirmed.


If you wish to change the departure date and/or route of your trip after making your reservation, you will need to pay a fee of US$50.00 per person. If you want to make changes to the date and route within 48 hours prior to the tour, you will be required to pay a fee of US$100.00 per person.


REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR reserves the right to cancel trips. In such a case, a full refund of the amount paid will be provided. REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR is not responsible for expenses incurred prior to the trip, such as non-refundable air tickets, early purchase visa fees, medical expenses, etc.

If you cancel or abandon a multi-day trip, please be aware of the following:

  • The 50% deposit made to confirm your reservation is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • You must complete the total payment for your tour 48 hours before your departure. If you are unable to make the full payment within the specified time, you can coordinate an alternative payment arrangement. Without prior payment or coordination, your tour will be CANCELED.
  • In the event of delays in your arrival to Cusco, REAL CUSCO FREE TOUR does not assume any responsibility for missed tours. Our staff will do their best to make the necessary modifications and accommodate you on another tour. However, additional costs resulting from such modifications are not included in the original price of your excursion.
  • Any cancellation within 12 hours before your excursion is considered a NO SHOW. In this case, there is no refund.
  • Transportation and medical care expenses are not included in case of a medical emergency during the excursion.


You should be aware that once the reservation is confirmed, the agency takes care of purchasing train and entrance tickets as soon as you make the reservation to guarantee you the best tickets. You receive a partial refund when you cancel.

Cancellation cost per person: $90 (for already purchased train, bus, and entrance tickets) + 10% administrative costs. The remaining amount will be refunded within 3 business days. Rescheduling cost per person: Changes or updates are subject to 1.) availability and 2.) an additional charge, the cost of rescheduling tickets (train, entrance, and bus – penalty charged by the companies) + 10% administrative fee. If you cancel 3 days or less before the start of the tour, there will be no refunds. We do not issue refunds in case of delayed flights, issues with train schedules, bad weather, or strikes affecting the tour.


Recall that medical assistance is necessary for travelers over 70 years old, as well as for those who suffer from chronic, cardiovascular, and other illnesses. It is crucial to inform the guides if you are taking any medication or if you have any medical conditions. This will help prevent any accidents or emergencies.


For your own protection, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. It can be crucial for you in cases of cancellation, interruption, or delay in your trip, and it can also cover medical expenses or protect your financial investment. When you acquire your insurance policy, you will also be fulfilling our mandatory requirements.

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